🚌 Time to jump out of the battle bus! πŸ—ΊοΈ Let’s get some Crowns πŸ‘‘ Playing Fortnite πŸ”«

The Gamerz Haven
~~~ Welcome to The Gamerz Haven! ~~~
The Gamerz Haven is streaming #Fortnite with Mini-me’s and viewers! Going to try to get some crowns and maybe some crown victorys! Come join us!

If you are enjoying the stream please leave a like, drop a sub, and turn on notifications!

~~~ Chat Rulez ~~~
(1) Do on to others as you would do on to yourself (aka BE NICE!)
(2) Absolutely NO Racism, Politics, or Religion in chat
(3) Keep chat PG
(4) Do not ask to be a moderator
(5) Do not spam
(6) Respect the moderators
(7) Have fun!
(8) Please do not advertise your channels here or ask to raid someone. I will be doing raids on other streamers at the end of the stream
(9) Please no spoilers/hints unless asked for
(10) Subscribe to The Gamerz Haven!!! or at least leave a comment on how to make the stream better! πŸ˜‰

~~~ Supporting ~~~
Want to see newer games played? Want to see more game giveaways? Please consider donating! Any donation is greatly appreciated!

Support the stream:

Streaming is hard work. You can feed Kumo here:

~~~ Merchandise ~~~
The Gamerz Haven now has a merchandise store through Streamlabs! Go check it out here:

~~~ Membership ~~~
What is a sponsor? A sponsor is a viewer who directly supports the channel with a monthly sponsorship! There are 5 tiers of support starting at $1.99 and ending at $49.99

~~~ Social Networkz ~~~
Facebook :
Steam Group:

~~~ Gamer Tagz ~~~
Steam: Kumo02
PS4: CLouDSorN
Xbox One: Kumo02
Battle.net: Kumo#1820
WiiU: Kumo02
3DS: 1564-8594-4947
Switch: SW-3729-1078-6009

~~~ Channel Art ~~~
Channel Art By: SinsValentine

~~~ Emoji Art ~~~
Emoji Art By: Chryss
Email: [email protected]

~~~ Other Info ~~~
Intro Song: Tobu – Hope

End Song: Anikdote – Life Is Over

Multistreaming with

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