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We almost took down the Week 9 Battle Royale on Underdog Fantasy thanks to C.J. Stroud double stacks, but had to settle for 4th & 7th. We’ll recap the teams and the strategy I used to attack the contest, as well as review my lineups on DraftKings and check out my Best Ball Mania IV squads. Check out my full halfway point BBM4 portfolio review:

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0:00 – Intro
02:55 – Reviewing my 4th & 7th place teams in the Week 9 Battle Royale contest on Underdog
08:15 – Focusing on a tight core, but whiffing on multiple other takes (Eagles, DJ Moore, etc)
12:00 – Battle Royal strategy tips and ticks
13:15 – Feed the ducks and pour the coffee
14:15 – Arthur Smith needs to go
15:00 – How to identify hidden gems in Underdog drafts
18:30 – Dawg Bowl live final sweat and auto’ing Tony Pollard on my best team
24:30 – Reviewing our DFS teams on DraftKings ft. CJ Stroud & Deshaun Watson stacks
26:30 – S/o to Deposit Kingdom member AshtonCoates on a Top 10 in the Spy finish
31:18 – Recapping the Deposit Kingdom rake free contest on DraftKings (s/o docslippo for winning)
34:08 – Youdacao’s winning Millymaker lineup and takeaways from his insane team
40:00 – Reviewing my BBM4 portfolio att the halfway point of the best ball season
43:15 – My top Best Ball Mania IV squads
47:30 – Checking out my advance rates by specific players (JSN, Kendre Miller, Rashaad Penny)
51:00 – EZ116 from the Deposit Kingdom is smashing in BBM4
54:00 – How I sweat on Sundays

H/t to Patrick Donovan () & Neii Farley () for their tools.

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  1. Congrats, man! Seen you up the board. I got into the big money, then the carpet was pulled, haha. This rookie will keep fighting on weekly. Best to you!

  2. Great week Pete! I feel the same way, won $1250 on FD with a single bullet but was live for $50,000 if JT actually got some usage in the 2nd half, those 2 pick sixes wrecked me lol.. always gotta be satisfied with 4 figure profits tho

  3. I was in 1st after the noon games (bluedog88) but JT wasn't needed in the 2nd half and you had great lineups. Nice week Pete!

  4. On DraftKings, I had CJ with Nico and Brown, bring back of Evans. Had Kincaid as well as others that went off. If Breece does well tonight I may be winning some money. Fingers crossed.

  5. Good to see brother, i don’t watch any of the geniuses any more, i play much better when i only listen to you as an empathy kind of thing 😎🎷🎼💰

  6. Currently in 95th in best ball with herb and Keenan still going tonight. Great portfolio week for me (I have 21% stroud)

  7. So many parralells with your day here… I had a Stroud double stack lineup in 4th place in a large field GPP in the closing moments as well for starters, but it was Early Only so it really WAS the closing moments … Had Stroud doubles of all sorts going , some with Dell/ Nico , some with Brown /Nico, some with Brown / Dell , some with one of the WR's / Shultz etc. BUT it was a Brown / Nico double sitting in 4th when that last drive started and of course it was Dell's drive don't know if the other 2 even drew a target… The Dell TD sent me plumeting back down to 87th if it goes to either Brown or Nico I go binky bink…. you're a little further along in processing the grief than I this morning but 2nd and 10th makes it a tad easier than 87th I guess lol… congrats bro

  8. Yesterday was so frustrating for me. Lost my H2H on the main slate by .12 because Lamb fumbled on the last play and then lost my Sunday night H2H by.5 because cincy’s fall start on the 55yard field goal that McPherson made😢

  9. Couldn't make the live review of my Deposit Kingdom winner but glad I caught the replay. Congrats on your BR runout this week. Damn fine work

  10. God seekers were pulling for you man. Was the best sweat I had going all day!

  11. Maybe I’m misunderstanding but you can’t use three tight end scores in best ball mania can you? There’s only one flex. (Referring to your discussion of your four tight end team that is new to the top 10k)

  12. Im not playing another falcon till that coach is gone total tool

  13. Really great week, congratulations on the nice scores!

  14. Good shit Pete! You're my favorite fantasy football content creator so a part of me feels like I win when you do well lol, so I'm very happy you had a great week. Keep up the great work and hopefully you go on a sick run now.

  15. Congrats on the pay day! Hate that you missed out on the bink but 10k ain't too shabby of a day. Won't have to deposit now for a little while king, speaking of, let me hold a couple dollars….

  16. Great video love to see ya ship one my guy more money to get food to feed the ducks

    Qq for you do you deal with a lot of dupes on battle royal due to people not being willing to scroll the fuck down

    Side note i wish smizzle won the milly would have loved to see him on lolz iykyk

  17. So happy for you Pete! I was rooting for you to win when I saw the leaderboard! 🎉👏

  18. Ez116 with 51 taysom teams is very validating with him as my #1 drafted te (not even close to that many though 😂)

  19. I was too high on Collins and too low on brown/schultz. Had a 215 point lineup in the $1 lol almost almost almost. 1st is coming bro

  20. Really Great!!! Happy for u Buddy😇…i lost my a$$ with Mac Jones stack OMFG

  21. So many 3 rb lineups. Very surprising since wrs have been smashing all year. Dude plays lamb over kamara he wins it all. Especially when the eagles secondary is terrible

  22. I watched this entire video thinking Pete had his hair spiked up just in the back. It wasn’t until the end that I realized it’s a decoration behind him 😂

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