BEST P2E Game 2022 – Mini Royale: Nations Deep Dive w/ Alex Paley & Grawaii

New School Degens
Mini Royale: Nations is a First Person Shooter P2E game that combines fast-paced action with fun social and competitive elements.

MRN is one of the fastest growing web3 games ever! Listen to this episode to learn all about the NFTs & tokens you can earn and collect in-game, their roadmap, how they built their community, and what separates Mini Royale Nations from other P2E games.

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0:00 Intro
2:30 Meet Alex & Grace
9:30 What is Mini Royale?
14:57 Game Design
24:20 Growing the Community
33:31 How to Earn in The Game
36:17 Roadmap Timeline
40:33 Clan DAOs

New School Degens is a community of money motivated students who are building a Learn & Earn educational platform powered by the Stacks Blockchain.

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Nothing said in this video is specific financial advice. Investing, trading or simply buying crypto and NFTs is risky and you can lose some of all of your money. Always do your own research and independently verify all information you hear on this channel. The hosts and guests may own assets discussed in this video.


  1. Mini Royale : Nations remember this name ! Big bang coming soon ! This project will show what P2E games really are !

  2. thx for this info, the game is realy TOP! Its like old CS for new generation)

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