Buying 2,512,813 Neck Length in Roblox

Buying 2,512,813 Neck Length in Roblox


👍 Friends!

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  1. Biffle, my brother wants to know what happened to your Wiffle? And why you lost it.

  2. Still can't get over the fact that biffle calls robux roblox/roblux

  3. You will catch up with ssundee and sigils soon believe it

  4. Lets appreciate how much robux he spends for us

  5. he's spending a ton of ''Roblox'' huh
    hhmmmm i think i would spend ''Robux''

  6. Sigils is finally going to get tall yay btw I searched up his hight he is biffle’s hight

  7. I like on how Biffle is making those sounds! 😆

  8. why did you say spending a bunch of Roblox and didint sayRobux in the start

  9. and why are you saying rolox ery time but its robux

  10. Spending a bunch of Roblox lol it’s robux

  11. Baffles gonna be spending a bunch of “roblox”

  12. Biffle, thanks for your "Thank you" 💥😆

  13. glad to see another colorblind content creator, i can relate, i hate being colorblind

  14. "spending a bunch of roblox" robux biffle robux

  15. "So i'm gonna be spending a bunch of Roblox"

  16. biffle u gonna spend bunch of roblox ?XD not rboux?

  17. Hey biffle just buy the stuff bc you already know sundie is

  18. We will get you past sigils, you better believe it

  19. You. Said. You. ARE. SPENDING ROBLOX

  20. Instead biffle says Robux instead says "Roblox".

  21. “I’m gonna be spending a bunch of Roblox”💀💀💀

  22. Ahh yes the new currency, not robux, Roblox

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