Escaping The Backrooms VOD | January 31 2023

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  1. I've beaten this game multiple times with randoms, once with my friend and by myself. I'm only 27 minutes in and it's bringing me pain for how long some of these sections are taking.
    Good vod though, love the backrooms. yes.

  2. I like how the video says that there is the music "Row Row Row Your Boat" and that the game is "Five Nights at Freddy's"

  3. Spigg’s VODs are the best for studying and getting work done! I’ve never been so focused, thanks Spifficus!

  4. I Can Only Cast One Thing from PC don't autoplay THIS VOD is Amazing

  5. Skeleton_craft Gamming (the skeleton king) says:

    Ideally, it would be recording your XLR microphone via a hardware mixer, barring that, yes, you would need a USB to XLR adapter; though XLR microphones tend to be higher quality for the price, then USB microphones because they are marketed towards pros who actually know how to properly criticize microphones

  6. I'm sure someone has mentioned it to you by now but cats tend to mirror whatever other members of their household are doing. Many Islamic cat owners find cats hanging out with them on prayer mats and people who work from home tend to find their cats on their laptop. Sometimes if you get a cat a smaller version of an item, a folded piece of cardboard to look like a laptop or a mini prayer mat, they will use those items next to you instead of getting onto your stuff. Just thought it was very cute loaf is mirroring you :^)

  7. Anyone else miss the pots and pans in the background? 😭😭

  8. Finally a streamer I watch doing backroom stuff !!

  9. I am making another moth, this will satisfy my need to consume content while creating things. good luck with your future backrooms playing, and various other gamer endeavours.

  10. Anyone else think that Spiff and the youtuber AVNJ look similar?

  11. 10th comment, like if you like fruit punch clown

  12. hello fellow Canadian!
    i just wanted to say your videos make my day, and whenever i'm in a bad mood you always make me laugh. keep doing what your doing spiff because you never fail to make me laugh.

  13. Babe wake up Spigg uploaded a new vod!
    (Babe is not real)

  14. Nightmare takes a little while, but I have done it twice. Needs a fair bit of practice and knowing alot of codes to save time and lessen risk

  15. Me, eating hot dogs in Kraft when I was a child, technically a single guy lmao

  16. Im lucky af, when I got my wisdom teeth taken out, the pain stopped rather quickly, and I was able to eat normal food that evening. Sadly, my fat ass was barely affected my the anesthetic and I wasn't that funny type of high after the surgery.

  17. Hate to say this but… Wow!!! Spiff sucks at this game…

  18. Spigg, the award you would win would probably be, "Game Breaker.". 🙂

  19. I don’t know what to type so I did this says:

    When will spiff Speedrun DOOM?

  20. im envious of cold climates as they dont have to deal with 40 degree celcius weather

  21. noooo you cant just escape the backrooms!! 😭

  22. Amazing game idea for spiff to play: Placid Plastic duck simulator

  23. spiff for me your best videos are vods because i can just sit for hours and watch you play pls post more

  24. I'm watching this on my bday lol

  25. I like how in the code section Spiff starts talking about the future and more, but that is machine language used in the 80s and usually is not studied unless you do a specific bachelor.

  26. what if you have a nut allergy and get lost in the backrooms rip

  27. I don’t know if you’ve played this yet but you should totally try doing a slime rancher speedrun! They came out with a second one not too long ago as well 👍

  28. Cant believe I missed this one! This vods channel sometimes is a blessing

  29. I agree with the person who had said to try 10/20 sister location mode! The blindfolded videos you make are awesome and the content is always great (and impressive, I’d die in a few seconds). Not done yet, but thought I’d comment before I forgot.

  30. Hate how of all the waters the backrooms fanbase chose it was almond water, because a good portion of people would not be able to survive as long as others strictly because of a tree nut allergy
    Then again that’s kind of the point…

  31. "the game is long"

    eh. from what I have seen, I feel like speed runners could get the game down to sub 15 easy. then again, I don't really know what the game says the "end" is. but, given all the paths and shortcuts there seems to be to get from point X to point Y… it should be pretty malleable.

  32. Me and my roommate have been binge watching your videos whenever he gets off work. We've made a few inside jokes based off of some of you videos! Its honestly been real nice to sit down after a pretty shit shift to watch you do some crazy, out of the box challenges. Thank you for the content Spigg

  33. I'm so glad someone else has a similar viewpoint on early access games using early access to cover up a bad product and still try and sell it to you as a completed one. If it's monetized it should be critiqued like any full release title.

  34. This vod kept me alive on my 14hr flight to Canada

  35. A tidbit of info on the beaver thing: the substance that that chatter was talking about is called castoreum, and they use it alongside urine to mark their territory. Apparently, some batshit crazy person wanted to know what that tasted like, and it's supposed to smell kinda musky and vanilla-esque. You can mainly find it in perfumes (because who wouldn't want to smell like beaver ass oil), but a tiny portion of food products that don't use natural vanilla have used castoreum as a substitute. Nowadays, there are major protests against the acquisition of castoreum, as there's no safe, humane way to get it.

    Thanks, Ze Frank

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