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Holly Shand shares the FPL Gameweek 26 Transfer Deal Sheet considering which Brighton assets to target for their upcoming doubles. Powered by Fantasy Football Hub.
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01:00 Defenders
02:31 Midfielders
04:19 Forwards
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  1. Good evening from Bangladesh.
    Q: Evan Ferguson Nailed?
    Q: Mac Allister or March as 2nd Brighton Mid?
    Q: if Liverpool blank in 28 Salah is a must sell??

  2. I've got plan of -8 this week Salah/Gomez/Greenwood to Toney/Mee/Mitoma to get home fixture before they also double. Madd or Fernandes in for 27 with FH in 28. Then 🙏

  3. Feels like we're spoiled for choice again. Watkins in the mix too! 💙

  4. Good evening Holly, which chip is best suitable for this game week?

  5. Hey Holly, I'm pretty satisfied with my team right now and I'm not really sure when to wildcard/freehit. What would be your most obvious chip usage advice , if I'm content with my team?

  6. Not a good gameweek for me so far, but it could have been a lot worse. Mings and Kane definitely was my MVPs of the week as they got a nice return and hopefully there's still a chance Saka justifies my captain decision.

    Salah is my most likely sell regardless of weather Liverpool blank or not. I just can't justify his price point and he could easily be moved on for someone like March, while maybe Trent could come in for the blank if Liverpool have a fixture.

  7. Hi holly I got 2.6 in bank who do I need thinking Toney for Darwin 1 transfer team so far ederson,white,tarkowski,tripper, rashford,salah,mitoma,oodengard,saka,haaland,Darwin,subs Ward,mings,gnonto,bueno,

  8. Hi Holly, first thought: Mahrez to Brighton mid or roll transfer? 4000 Harry Haddocks heading south on Wednesday!

  9. Hi Holly – Great Video as ever. I will be looking at Brighton Assets and I know mitoma is the go to asset but also very keen on March and Macalister for a slightly more differential shout but worried going for one of them could hurt my rank of 800k – What are your views on the 2 names above and who would you choose out of them if you werent going Mitoma? Thanks 🙂

  10. If Toney gets banned. Many could possibly do Nunez & Toney to Mbeuno & Kane

  11. Hi holly. I have got Nketiah haaland and kane in my front line. is it worth keeping nketiah now who has this midweek fixture against everton at home and again bournemouth at home next week or just move to toney this week or wait for 26 to get completed first?

  12. I am really considering Kane to Toney. I really like Harry Kane, but it all depends on the possible blank for Spurs in 28. I really like Kane, but if there are no major surprises in the FA Cup I am all, but set in bringing in Toney as the current plan is to play 9/10 players in GW28, FH in 29, dead end into 32 by fielding whatever is possible for GW32 and WC 33 to BB in 34. And since I am most likely free hitting in GW29 I do not care that much about the yellow cards for Toney, as I doubt that he will pick two in the next two per say.

  13. I need to transfer out Nketiah or Mahrez but to who, with zero money in the bank?

  14. Love the content. Looking at Henry or Pinnock next week for Brentford Double.

    Its all about GW 28. Because i wanna triple back up on my club Manchester United. Dalot [Shaw] & Bruno need them for DW29

    If Spurs gets a double. I'm selling Haaland for GW29 for Kane..

  15. As always you are the best FPL expert 🎉

  16. Do i bring in mee or henry or dunk or estupinan is possibly injured right or not. Which one should I bring in

  17. I've had Kane the whole season and he has suprisingly delivered (i dont like him when hes playing for england) and I got rid of Toney 2 or 3 weeks ago and i got Jesus back (benched until hes back in a couple of weeks)

  18. Hi Holly – very helpful video as always, so thanks! We've heard lots of people talking about a potential Wildcard in GW26. I am seriously considering pulling the trigger, but I need to remember that I don't have my FH (GW12, I'm not talking about it). Could this be viable?

    Dylan 🙂

  19. So thankful for your advice. Many thanks.

  20. Is it good Wildcarding this week, free hit 28 and bench boosting 29?

  21. On my other account for my England players only team I have put on Pickford in net, Mee, White and Trent A-A in defence, Rashford, Foden, Saka and Grealish in mid field and Watkins, Kane and Toney up front. Benched Pope, Trippier, Rice and Shaw. Anyway nice video Holly!

  22. Gameweek 27 my plan bring Estupinan or mee in my transfer

  23. My plan also Mahrez change Bruno Fernandez transfer

  24. Hi Holly – pls rank them in order – Mitoma McAllister Ferguson Estupinan Bailey Watkins Felix Toney ( No FH 28)

  25. I had forgotten about the possible Toney ban due to another booking .
    Also sold him a while ago anticipating the gambling ban but nothing so far. Does anyone have an update ?

  26. The Blank 28-Double 29 is should be much easier to plan for now that Brentford do not blank. The FA Cup could not have gone any better for me 😁

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