Get Hooked on Web3 Gaming: A Beginner’s Guide to Mini Royale: Nations

Trevin vs NFT

Get ready to dive into the exciting world of Web3 gaming with this beginner’s guide to MiniRoyale! In this video, we will introduce you to the concept of Web3 and how it’s changing the gaming landscape. MiniRoyale is a prime example of the new era of blockchain-based games that offer players a new level of ownership and control over their virtual assets. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just starting out, you won’t want to miss this guide to getting hooked on Web3 gaming. So grab your controller, sit back, and let’s get started! Engage in epic battles and epic fun with gunstar heroes logo. Play now!

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  1. Keep the content rolling Trevin. You’re on the right track

  2. What is your handle so I know who to glock? Gla glock glock glooock

  3. Hello, Im new playing the Mini Royale Nations nft game, I have some doubts about this game:
    –         As you know, we can play free, I mean, we don’t need to purchase anything in order to play and increase our level there, so, why any player should go to the marketplace to buy guns, skins….what we see in that place if we don’t need them in order to play?.
    –         What is the advantage of the different rarities of the nft in the marketplace if I see that the weapons we gain freely kills as the same way than the highest rarity?.
    –         There are 2 tokens in my wallet, ORBS and ENRICHED ORBS, should I need to convert the 1st one into the 2nd one?
    –         I can’t find where is the Roadmap of this game, can you show me?
    –         Is here some DEX in order to convert the tokens the game gives us into SOL or another one or the only way to gain cryptocurrency here is through the sell of the NFTs we minted here in the marketplace?
    Best regards

  4. i hope you explain the Orbs and EOrbs and how to deal with the market because all what you've explained is too simple and known 😀 Thank You for this Video, and Keep up the good work 🙂

  5. Looks okay, but that is an insanely high health pool that they have.

  6. This game has almost no players !

    I played the game for about 300 hours and 99% of my gaming time was on lobby's only filled with bots. The so called social game where you have to play to bots all day long 🙂

    Lots of bugs and FPS issues + errors and you need to abuse the F5 button every game. Clearing cache of the browsers + using F5 all day long to have a working game is not the way to go. Making profit in this game is a waste of your money and time !

  7. i tried this game and its like more agressive you are the better you are imo

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