How to Level Up XP FAST in Chapter 5! (XP Update Explained!)

How to Level Up XP FAST in Chapter 5! (XP Update Explained!)) How to Level Up XP FAST in Season 2 Chapter 45! | (Fortnite XP Update Explained!) Unlock Tranformer as fast as possible without using XP Glitch / XP Glitches in Fortnite Season 1 Chapter 4. Get that tier 100 or Level 200 Peter before all your friends. Creative XP Glitches ain’t real so just play maps that you will enjoy like this selection of fortnite creative XP maps I have made for you to earn or farm XP on.

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🔥The Ring Of Fire – 8809-4244-0122
👚50Fashion Show – 3589-2124-6433 – A MUST PLAY
🔴Red Light 🟢Green Light – 3238-7312-0779
🍕Food Fight Map – 5111-7601-1549
⭐Tilted Prop Hunt ⭐ – 0730-4860-4137
📦 Toy Box FFA – 9061-5458-7889
7️⃣ IO VS THE SEVEN – 3554-3153-4920
🧸 Toy War TDM – 8090-9016-4239

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  1. I make these every season to try and help you all and document the level differences xp wise and quest wise each season!

  2. If anyone does stw only for levels it will take u 50 days

  3. Honestly I just hate how they merged stw xp so much

  4. Nice video 👍🏻 Unfortunately I won't be playing Fortnite until they address the weird and clunky movement 😭

  5. I bee doing creative got all the battle Royale quests done and I'm still on level 11

  6. could you make bots in toybox count for the 24 kill bonus xp but make it like 150 bot kills to complete i still use your code since ch2s4

  7. I Really Like Streaming Fortnite! My parents said if I got 15k subscribers they would get me things for a good recording setup!

  8. Me and my friend did a ranked game today I had 11 kills he had 10. We won I was put in bronze 3 he was in silver 2 explain

  9. They definitely nerfed xp. Not sure how or why. Fun… why do they keep doing it. Nobody on earth likes grinding fortnite. We just wanna play. Not be prisoners.

  10. I'am getting like 10 exp on creative maps now.was getting in the hundreds and thousands before

  11. Is anyone else’s xp and crown wins not saving

  12. The fact that postboxpat does this for OUR entertainment is just gold. We all love you postboxpat! 😘 😅

  13. Don’t listen to this he is only level 11! I am currently lvl 22! My method is doing those match quests and milestones aswell as a little save the world and A route in Crime city!!

  14. I'm level 7 even after doing all the weekly quests 💀

  15. Even with these videis, the videos do not help

    There is a 2 level cap based on previous seasons that gets me and by the rime i di the island, the islands give low exp..


  16. Hey pat, love your xp vids, they’ve really helped me out in the past. I just wanted to say that the survivor medals can actually give you up to 700,000 xp, not 70,000, as it’s 100,000 per medal since every step grants 10,000. You still don’t need to prioritize them since the early stages are decently easy. Also teaming up with a friend makes it easier because the kills are shared for the medals too. Anyways, thanks for the vid!🫶

  17. From the map who everyone gets xp it gives me very tiny xp how do i get 2k xp like you in that map

  18. Toybox is my favourite map I play it all the time.

  19. I just play the pit mostly and level up 3:13 but that map seems cool too

    There are two pits they've been made by the same person geerzy.. I think there are only three ways to tell them apart.

    One saves the kills and the guns cost a bit more coins

    the other one doesn't saves kills atm the guns cost a bit more and there are more mythic. The second has a background wallpaper when in the lobby.

  20. awesome, thanks for continuing to make these, they really help

  21. I love your vids post every season or chapter I always go to ur vid cause they are the best

  22. I would like to inform you that on your 50 fashion show map their is a glitch were you automatically exit your locker keep up the great maps. 👍👍👍

  23. I have an amazing xp for creative mode

    1. Search Creative map Dragon Tycoon 2

    2. Choose you team FIRE or ICE

    3. Build your structure for your dragon egg and hatch it

    4. Head over to the grave yards site (near crystal cave mine and targets)

    5. Kill zombies (Every 20 zombie kill you get increase about 2k- 25k xp until 100 zombie kills)

    6. Reset game and Repet

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