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  1. On side note The Barbarian king is Overpowered on the underground arena…. I have to K.O. This dude 3 times. Shield shouldn’t activate on top of instant revive ladies and gentlemen!

  2. So i saw that super suna had a timer on it that means the mini coming out of that super suna will be god mini

  3. Why not run ths deck and make a video about it please!!!
    AQ with
    Healing Ranger
    Giant Skelly
    Golden Giant
    Strats: Lumberjack's clash with AQ's clash, insane hitspeed. HR's heal to AQ so that she is alive and unstoppable healing ranger super to counter Countess's anti-heal and Wave Master. Golden Giant and Giant Skelly for tanking.

  4. Also now I think it would have been cool if they didn't patched it would have made so many cool strategies

  5. Which is the REAL Super Mini P.E.K.K.A?
    1: super troop from Clash Royale
    2: super troop from Sauna
    3: Double Pancaker combo
    4: pancakes

  6. Favourite part of the video 2:15 (RIP headphones users 😂)
    Never actually tried this glitch but looked fun lol, super sauna was interesting. The old mini pekka buff was cool hopefully if it ever comes back it isn’t as busted as it was before. Also ice wiz is less annoying now which is amazing in my books.
    Now thank you mate because if this glitch ever comes back I will know how to do it 😈

  7. ബുദ്ധിയുള്ള മണ്ടൻ says:

    The phasing of this video is like a mrbeast video

  8. Firefoxar And learning Quran and vlogs says:

    We have found the new OJ

  9. The waffle has found it’s new host

  10. That's chaos I wish it's available on the game even just friendlies permanently

  11. 3:45 🤣🤣🤣Prepare for trouble and make it double
    Classic rocket🤣🤣

  12. Abdod's videos never fail to amaze me! 💜

  13. This glitch was really fun to play with ngl
    Btw you're generally getting better in just making vids, like the personality clip selection etc

  14. What is EVEN THAT! 😂😂

    Love this video actually chuckled and smile.

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