I Created A Team to WIN This Battle Royale… (Territorial.io)


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  1. We have collab with Frank and mr spherical now that Drew is in England he should collab with JackSucksatGeography

  2. Drew you should watch some cg plays and it’ll probably teach you to play a tad better Ik I got much better by watching hum

  3. I was waiting for this guy to do this

  4. please have frank play the frankish empire, would be so fitting

  5. Petition for drew to collab with jacksucksatgeography

  6. I swear you got eme on this game and its SO ADDICTING

  7. Why don’t you guys make a drew frank clan together

  8. WHY DOES EVERYONE GO TO LONDON…. ITS A SHITHOLE go to the countryside not the shithole cities

  9. drew needs to play Euro Truck Simulator 2 (or American Truck Simulator)

  10. As a lithuanian i can say you don't want to know what pimpalas means

  11. as someone living in london everything there are saying about london is true

  12. I don’t really like when YouTubers collab but PLEASE DO MORE VIDEOS WITH FRANK

  13. I just recently discovered it around the day this vid came out. Wait the day before*

  14. Don’t try spam attacking to gain free land, set your bar to a higher amount and send a quarter of your troops all at once.

  15. Someone: How long was your trip to Europe?
    Drew: Y E S

  16. you should live stream this game we will form one big nation together

  17. Can you make a clan made up of frank and drew clan?❤❤❤❤❤❤😊😊😊😊😊😊

  18. welcome to london. the home of industrialism, imperialism, and the worst empire in history.

  19. The man, the myth, the editor Frank with a sudden appearance

  20. I’m in Spain, almost touching California

  21. Funny thing is that the clan DREW is the best clan right niw

  22. Zoomers talk like soundcloud rappers hahahahaha

  23. Going from screen to screen I think is better then split screen

  24. OH I Found myself in the video "Pimpalas" player, don't translate it from Lithuanian

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