I Made A BATTLE ROYALE MAP in Fortnite Creative!

Nova Jay
Here’s my new XL 50 Player Battle Royale map, Nova Royale Season 1!

Island code: 9497-3466-0560


0:00 Intro
0:28 Slurpy Shipment
1:00 Sneaky Shore
1:43 Coral Canyon
2:13 Crimson Crops
2:39 Leaky Lowertown
3:16 Daunted Digsite
3:50 Durry Depot
4:30 Cozy Corner
5:02 Loomy Logjam
5:33 Moody Mines
6:06 Landmarks


  1. how do you make it that big by staying within your memory

  2. You inspired me to make my own BR map. Btw what XL island did you use to make this island

  3. This is so cool it's similar to the map I'm making, mine is like farms and futuristic city

  4. This is the BEST BR MAP BY FAAAR! I even think it's better than the BR map from epic

  5. Hello, are you able to help me make a battle royale map, i have no creativity to make one from scratch and i could really be so happy if you help me with making a battle royale map 😊

  6. Hey can you make a version where you explore?

  7. Pls tell me how u made it so huge, i wanna make the Old Map

  8. Loomy logjam should change too like an abandoned place cause the trees r gone

  9. My favorite POI is Moody Mines because of the action and just how it looks in general

  10. Which starter island did you use for the map?

  11. I have a question how did you make all of those mountains and like trees and terrain and stuff

  12. Germanballs & Syrianballs (Biggoji11 Swanson) says:


  13. nice map! can you teach us how to make caves?

  14. Nova how do you get full minimaps for XL islands

  15. 1. Slurpy Shipment 9.7
    2. Leaky Lowertown 9.4
    3. Durry Depot 9.1
    4. Sneaky Shore 8.7
    5. Moody Mines 8.6
    6. Crimson Crops 8.4
    7. Coral Canyon 8.2
    8. Daunted Digsite 7.9
    9. Cozy Corner 7.6
    10. Loomy Logjam 7.3

  16. Hey Nova, What island did you use for this map?

  17. How did you get the Kevin floating island xl

  18. This is great! You have inspired me to create my own your so cool! The terrain is truly stunning! I wish I knew how to do that!

  19. Ever since i watched your version of the chapter 3 map, i followed the same ways to make my own map and it looks better than all my others, thanks!

  20. Is it possible that this map is better than the official one??

  21. When I'm watching this you already made nova royale remexd

  22. I am working On a Br With Is Gonna take soo Long😭😭😭

  23. How did you make the roads and paths

  24. Please make a tutorial on this map it is mindblowing

  25. ima add sneaky shores from your br to my br i love that place i land there every single time!

  26. This is easily one of the best br maps I have ever seen. Great job with the work.

  27. I'm making a BR with a poi named Craggy Crops and seeing your Crimson Crops, it looks so good and inspires me. 👍

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