Krunker PRO Plays MINI ROYALE 2 For The First Time! (I WON!) (Feat. MileRobloxFan) | MiniRoyale2

Mini Royale 2:
Hope you guys enjoy this one because I definitely did haha, lmk if you wanna see more 🙂

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  1. Cool Royale krunker heykrunker put battle royals and killcams

  2. Amazing always waiting for u to make a vid

  3. The HELLO Made My Day, Glad You Uploaded Now

  4. I am panique and after u told me that tip I improved significantly in just 1 hour and also got my first 15 killstreak

  5. aaayyyyyeeeee whatttttssss up 47s im from Ireland too man <3

  6. Sadly my game just lags so much when i play mr

  7. can u friend me in mini ? my username is STFUDICK

  8. Anybody else's fps go down after 2.0 (in krunker)

  9. hey IvSynical here verified player:D leading a mini royale clan with many members in it, if you wanna join let mile know and he can talk to me or the other leader. 🙂

  10. Fortysevens if you will stream more can you post about stream starting on youtube and could you stream not later than on 3-4pm pls

  11. this is possibly the best video on youtube…

  12. I play that game and I’m number 23 in the world currently

  13. Hey all the key bind are
    Q to lool left E to look rigth
    Shift is to walk mouse 2 is use your iron sigth or your scope that how

  14. Bruh this was sooo hard to watch
    The ammo was is always next to a gun

  15. No fair, I've always wanted to go to Ireland because I used to watch Jacsepticye

  16. bro you just have to jump around to dodge bullets maan. and also you can be more faster btw
    meet me i am PRO in this game.

  17. Waiting for zombie mode, drop Like if you do too?

  18. Today, my daily rank is 47 I just started, I'm cracked for real. I'm really gud at krunker so mini royale 2 is no big deal.

  19. I play this at school with my friends and they are like so much better

  20. Congratulations on your final victory!

  21. You can team up in mini royale 2?

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