Making Zombs Royale Game On Scratch Full Tutorial

Coding With Chris
In this video I show you how to make Zombs Royale on Scratch. We will go though Every step of making the game and at the end you’ll have a basic working Zombs Royale (Battle Royale) game in your hand.

0:00 – Intro
2:30 – Making The Main Player
10:20 – Making a Scrolling Map
20:30 – Making a Weapon Box
33:15 – Making the Bullet
36:00 – Making the Enemy
41:30 – Enemy Bullet

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  1. hey bro! your coding is very good!!!!!

  2. sorry for the year-late comment, but i wanna make multiple enemies. How do i do it?

  3. Could you do a tutorial on how to make a mini map

  4. Nice now I can make gaming role-plays and it is a full game!

  5. hi brother i like so much you videos , let me tell you that you are the best , and accept all my respects … really you are clever and you know how to make others learn how to work in scratch … since I followed your videos I liked scratch
    go on my brother and god bless you

  6. chris my enemy always disappears a i cant find it

  7. When I add point towards mouse pointer my character rotates around it. Any help?

  8. I wondered if zombs royal was popular. this game was my first online game that i played.

  9. 36:11 ayo why is the gun shooting on my screen- i have put the correct code.. Can you tell me a solution?

  10. this is so good you should make a football game.

  11. When my enemy shoots it doesn’t point towards the person I’m controlling

  12. Hi and sorry for the late coment but this game is superb and I liked the tutorial and keep up the good work

  13. Doesn’t war doesn’t know how to code

  14. Chris, somehow my character was moving in a CIRCLE instead of just TURNING so I need help

  15. sir i am making this game with u thnku sir but to take gun u have to click on 2

  16. Hi Mr. Chris thank you for this tutorial i really liked it and i wish you good luck with Scratch

  17. Thx for the help I needed some inspiration

  18. please help!! the weapon box moving aint working please reply sir!!!!

  19. I Love this game but I can't make in one day now I will Ad one more coment at next day

  20. I don't think you were signed into your account when making this tutorial.

  21. My box is going in the corner why by the way i do all coding one more time why this is not working?☠☠😠😠👿👿

  22. change player's bullet damage from 1 to 5

  23. Oop, something in my Scratch Blocks going wrong

  24. 2:30= why didn't you make two punch costumes (one is left and the other is right) and put a pick random block 2 to 3 in the switch costume to punch?

  25. Please i need to know to to make a SMOOTH collision with a wall. since the wall is moving net the player i dont know how to do a smooth one


  27. this is amazing but , can we make it a little cooler like the background of the battle field like bushes and paces to hide

  28. Guys if anyone wants to kill more enemies go in the enemys code and in the place where it changes its x and y and if block with enemy health = 0 then hide and create clone.When it starts as a clone set its health to 10 again and if you want heal the player too then just copy set enemy x and y variable and add forever loop with go to x and y of enemy and point towards player.

    P.S. In the player sprite add when flag clicked with a forever loop and in the forever loop add if block with player health < 10 then set player health to 10 and for end of the game if player health = 0 stop all

  29. I already know this is a late comment but my enemy coding doesn't work even though I checked it won't work

  30. when you test to move with the grid why i can see a white backdrop i think the grid make the map smaller

  31. the box won't turn into a gun even if i press e😳

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