Mini Royale 2 1st victory | Mini royale 2 sniper rifle found

Back to Mini royale 2 where I got my 1st victory. We also found in mini royale the steyr sniper rifle and it’s awesome

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Mini Royale 2 1st victory | Mini royale 2 sniper rifle found


  1. مكتشف الاسرارمعلومة says:

    كنت العبها هههههههههها

  2. You picked up the assault rifle ammo,you need the 7.62 ammo for the sniper

  3. Well at least it better than me plus can i get a shout out

  4. Hi, can you help me?
    Whei i play this game, i can't see the map. Other than, dont 👀 the drops, red lines in the box, drop bar, an' the tablet that you show in the minut 3:40

  5. when i open the game, its version is 1.0.125 but i dont have anything like tablets, or drops. why is this happening?

  6. the scar and mk18 is the best wepon and ak17 is slow but i dost 26 or 10 damge

  7. and zui is the fast gun but it dose 7 damge

  8. dell computer are the best you know i use dell computer

  9. I can't play anymore this game, it says "an error has occured, try again later" 🙁

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