Mini Royale Nation – Best BLUE CHIP Solana NFT – 100x Moon! Mini Royale Crypto NFT Game – FPS

Mike Gap
MiniRoyale Nation is a fully fuctional NFT Crypto FPS game on the Solana NetWork. Their NFTs are so cheap right now, learn today why you should pick them up before they explode.

MiniRoyale Nation Links:
Web Link:
MiniRoyale – Characters- NFTs MagicEden:
MiniRoyale – Loot – NFTs MagicEden:


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MiniRoyale, a super popular, FPS NFT Crypto game on the Solana Network.

It currently has 2 million plus members! Its community is growing exponentially.

The crazy thing is that they haven’t even hit peak interest, so there is SO MUCH more ROOM to grow.

Right now, their character NFTs are only 1.5 to 3.0 Solana, that’s steal compared to what other NFT crypto games are at, such as Aurory which is at 20 Solana, but Aurory doesn’t even have a functional game nor does it have 2 MILLION PLUS players.

Whereas MiniRoyale Nations does!

So you do the math, these NFTs can balloon 10x, 20x, who knows, maybe even more!

Due your own due diligence and checkout the game. Its pretty fun!

For more info checkout:
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  1. U can play and win skins etc and sell them right?

  2. Thanks for showing us this and its great to see some cheaper opportunities.

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