Mini Royale Nations Game Review & Gameplay – Solana FPS Crypto Game with NFTs

Satoshi Gaming
Mini Royale Nations Game Review & Gameplay Footage. Mini Royale: Nations is a first-person shooter (FPS) that is free-to-play and a web-based blockchain game with in-game NFTs on the Solana network. This crypto game is fun, free, & fast-paced so let’s discuss everything about the game in my game review of Mini Royale Nations.

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00:00 Introduction to Mini Royale Nations
00:12 What is Mini Royale Nations
00:49 Sponsored by Versa Games
01:52 Game Controls & Mechanics
03:11 Match Duration
03:19 Loadouts & Spawning
03:48 Mapping & Targeting
04:06 Friendly Fire & Clans
04:26 Blockchain Integration & Solana NFTs
05:15 Play-to-Earn Game?
06:16 Season 1 Rewards
06:36 Mini Royale Nations Overview & Where to Play
06:57 Thanks for Watching & Social Links


  1. Yes, I was an avid counter strike player since 2007 and I like this game too. Will jump right in. Well explained and I really like your videos 🥰

  2. How do you not have more subscribers/views?! Simple, to the point, chaptered discussions. Good insights. Awesome content. Keep it up!

  3. Great work presenting this game.
    Keep up the good work !

  4. so if i dont own any nfts, im lvl 20 my first day been playing all day getting used to it, sooo since i dont got nft, i dont benefit, what all these skins im getting i cant sell them?

  5. i don't see any nft rewards on my phantom wallet. when i'm connecting to magic my wallet is empty???? i hope someone can help me

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