Mini Royale: Nations NFT Game Play to EARN FPS!! This Game is AWESOME!

Tony Zee
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⚠️Not FINANCIAL advice! Do your own RESEARCH. INVEST what you can afford to lose.

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  1. Don't you have your own written language? Why the fuck do you use English in your thumbnail and description IT MAKES ZERO SENSE. How are people who speak your language supposed to know your video is in their language? If the title, description and thumbnail are all in English then the video should be too. It HARMS YOUR CHANNEL when English speakers click your video, then immediately CLOSE THE VIDEO. That tells the algorithm that people do not like your video, therefore it suggests your video to less people. MAKE YOUR DAM TITLE DESCRIPTION AND THUMBNAIL IN YOUR FRIKN LANGUAGE SO ALL OF US ENGLISH SPEAKERS AREN'T DISAPPOINTED AND RUIN YOUR VIDEO IN THE ALGORITHM.Plus, if people only speak your native language, how the fk are they going to know your video is in their language? They will never click your video because they can't read it. It's so fkn dumb.

  2. Hello..boss..present na nmn ako..sana nmn mapili na mga.. scholarship..

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  4. Kuya Tony, Pag matalo po ba sa game same din yun na my bawas sa experience or something?

  5. Ang galing ko nito noon hahaha ughh memories!😁

  6. pag lunch break counter strike agad baon sa ulam ubos

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