Mini Royale: Nations – Official Game Trailer

Mini Royale: Nations
There’s nothing mini about this, people.

Announcing the official Mini Royale: Nations game trailer.



  1. Un buen shooter la verdad, me atrae bastante la idea de que esté hecho en el ecosistema de Solana

  2. Press like who is from the official discord of this game

  3. They block the account because of their mistakes . and then they are silent in support. there is no trust in this game, I just wasted my time

  4. Responded in discord to various participants who gave feedback on the issue.

    At that moment I saw that I was excluded from Discord, what is the matter?

  5. why don’t cheaters get banned in the game or can I cheat then, otherwise with these cheaters the stat is not to hell and play scrap like that

  6. Привет, не зайти в свой аккаунт, что делать?
    Сначала пропали флажки с обозначением команд синий/красный…

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