– Montage Edit

This is a video montage I created as a submission for the
editing competition. As an editor myself I think participating is a really fun way to both practice and learn. If you wanna know how to make a video like this, comment down below. Hope you’ll like it!

Go play the game FOR FREE at:

Go and checkout David Cutter Music:
/ @dcuttermusic

Special thanks to:
– David Cutter Music
– Zewilm
– Voidwave (For his client)
– (My dad)

Music in this video:
David Cutter Music / Al Cutter – Donuts and Cream –

DOOM (2016) OST – Rip & Tear –

Dutty Moonshine – Takin’ It Back –

Sad Piano Music –



Programs I’ve used:
– Adobe Premiere Pro 2020
– Adobe Photoshop CC 2018
– Audacity
– Clipmaker 2


  1. Don't forget to play the game here:

    If you wanna know how I made this video and see
    behind the scenes a little bit, then comment down below.

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