a NEW META for mope royale!

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Today I play and dominate the lobby! I become the biggest dragon and destroy all animals at over a 1000k or 1 million xp high score. I play and show off the new update. I play and show off the new update. There is the new leopard animal, black panther animal, and jaguar animal. These are all new animals in the most recent beta update, and they are also all at cheetah tier. They are very rare animals. I play and try to get them where I end up getting the jaguar twice and see the white tiger and lava toucan. The black panther is the rarest animal in this update today. These 2018 updates are insane though, and the new battle royale game mode actually came out in today’s update, the official mope royale beta server update! I give many new tips and tricks for winning battle royale in this beta update. I give tips and tricks as a tutorial guide on how to win in this game mode. This secret trick is insane that allows higher tiers and lower tiers to win a victory royale. There is a new highest animal, the black dragon or colossal at 10000k or 10 million. I also go through all of the new animals and give insane tips and tricks for beginners, and how to play through commentary! The ultimate noob to pro guide! This is an awesome and fun new .io game, like an agario 2.0. Go play and try to get the highest score, or even a mopeio world record! By the way, there are no current hacks or bots, so let’s keep it that way (THIS HAS CHANGED SINCE THE BEGINNING OF JUNE 2017). developers are continuing to update the game like in this video showing the new recent updates, so stay tuned!

Games that are played on my channel…. (mopeio mope new funny .io game best io game 2017. (mope) (moomoo) (slither) (wormate) (foes) (mop) (zombs) (spinz) (starve) (agar) (paku) (pikes) (fightz) (zombsroyale) fortnite (fortnight) (surviv) pg family friendly kids games that I play on my channel (all io games). Funny clean walkthrough of cartoon strategy games for children of all ages. is a popular and new (best?) .io game. In, you’re an animal facing other players. The objective is to get to number one and destroy all of the other mopeio animals. Your goal is to become the dragon at a one million score and become number one. Here is a list of the every animal that you can get in mouse, pig, fox, deer, lion, zebra, cheetah, mole, bear, crocodile, hippo, rhino, dragon, black (secret) dragon, shrimp, trout, crab, squid, shark, jellyfish, stingray, seahorse, turtle, kraken, killerwhale/orca, swordfish, pufferfish, gorilla, lemming (snow mouse), arctic hare, penguin, seal, arctic fox, reindeer, muskox, snow leopard, walrus, polar bear, wolf, abominable snowman (yeti), wolverine, chipmunk, snow dragon, donkey, mammoth, giant spider, cobra, boa constrictor, t-rex, tiger, giraffe, eagle, king crab, hedgehog, ducks, duck, duckling, pelican, falcon, owl, ostritch, ostritch baby, frog, phoenix, toucan, white tiger
List of biomes: lakes, oceans, land, arctic (winter), beaches (mini), poison

You can play the game here –

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  1. LOOOOOOOOL Fostih y nation hippo died

  2. Did You Know? A BUNCH OF YOUTUBERS PLAYED!!!!!!! Nation, Fortish, Dopemope

  3. You were playing with fortish and dopemope the first game xD

  4. Nation: Can we get 14 likes? His subscribers: Try me.

  5. Tats real fortish bro u got killed bye a youtuber

  6. I first watched forstish then I came to find u lol wow nub move
    Edit: lol I see him say I don’t rage in this (3 min later) * my ear drums brake cuz the rage…. HmMm

  7. Just stay as a mouse, everybody is gonna level up and they won’t be predators!

  8. is that game still here? i'd like to play it so bad lol

  9. Me: hmm meat.
    Nation: gets lava toucan
    Me: OMG
    Nation: nah i dont care snow animals the best.

  10. natino:people get so salty

  11. fortsh was recording in this vid, pushed u out

  12. Nation: Rages Nation Wide (Ad): NaTiOn WiDe Is On Ur SiDe

  13. I've gotten to the shark that's how long i lived 🐨

  14. NAITION How did you get the before update😇

  15. Imagine how op a Dino monster would be in battle Royal

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