My first time playing Mini Royal 2… and winning

My first time playing Mini Royal 2… and winning – Mini Royale 2 Gameplay Victory Royal

My friends DoritoSendpie recommended Mini Royale 2 to me. This game is a io first person shooter and battle royale game. There is also team deathmatch and other gamemodes. In this mini royale gameplay, i catch some 1st place wins and do it in style. It is safe to say i am a figglebottom male. MINIROYALE2 is free to play, and has an interesting battlepass system. Here it is… also where is mini royale 3 lmao

Do you like Fortnite, PUBG or Apex Legends? Play MiniRoyale 3D battle royale io in your browser for free without download!

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Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching
– Silly


  1. Bro the new mini royale nations sucks…

  2. For me the match doesn't start only😐I mean that start game button remains grey!!Anyone have a solution?

  3. This developer must have played too much csgo danger zone. :DD

  4. I played this 1 year ago or so but I use g to shoot BC my touchpad sucks so I can’t play anymore BC there’s no change shoot button

  5. 2k subs face reveal pls btw your so underrated!

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