My FIRST TIME Playing Mini Royale 2

I played miniroyale 2 and this happened..

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Outro Music “Frag out” – DJ Assass1n

That’s all, peace!


  1. Bro im better and im on my school laptop with a touchpad

  2. Wassup dash! I was wondering if you wanted to 1v1 in mini royale 2. I'm in the top fifty in the world but you could win cuz I am very laggy. But beware…

  3. I will DESTROY you in a game of ctf and br

  4. ok hi guys i'm giving you an appointment catch the flag on mini royale 2 tomorrow at 5:30 pm. Bye

  5. There is a similar game called Mad Gunz which is really good. It's a mix of Fortnite and pixel war.

  6. bro the brown building is a secret
    if you press a to right there is a stair case ok

  7. can you tell me why my cursor is slow in the game. My cursor is good but when I enter the game I have to move it a lot to look in another direction

  8. U really don't know how to change weapons

  9. muy malo voy por el nivel 123

  10. I looked up “mini royale” for warzone and this popped up :/

  11. Who else was here because u played this in school😂😂😂

  12. u can change ur gun if u go to ur flag and prees tab

  13. I can't play anymore it says "an error occured, try again later"… 🙁

  14. I wish you can do hand to hand combat in MR2

  15. Hey dashball you should play this game again its changed a little 🙂

  16. your discord link says that its invalid, i would love to join tho

  17. If you spam spacebar to jump you're much faster

  18. It’s funny how they call the starting pistol the desert eagle when it’s actually an m9

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