*NEW* BEST Controller Settings For Fortnite Chapter 5! (PS4/PS5/Xbox/PC)

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  1. this is probably the worst thing they have ever done to the game

  2. Which monitor do you use? Answer Please.

  3. how do i change my edit to the left stick new season settings so ass

  4. I found the best settings to fix this wack movement, my settings vid dropping tmr on my channel ❤️

  5. dropz: ‘i miss og fortnite’

    also dropz: gets flashbacks from getting boxed by ‘just look at u’ 😭

    (i miss og fortnite too😔)

  6. What’s with you guys showing gameplay? It’s a settings video, show the settings😮😮😮

  7. does the look and aim sens effect your sens when you have advanced options on?

  8. Bruh the fact that people on controller have such a harder time pressing or binding a button to use sprinting while in build mode is so dumb… The movement isn't bad only the "jogging" is useless.

  9. Is anyone else A button hovering over every bind you want to change ? Only leaving you with the option to only move the A button no other hitting is allowed to be moved only A :/

  10. Who u playing the duo cash cups with?

  11. Brother, what monitor do you use, where did you buy it?

  12. How do you bind running and sliding in chapter 5 just tell me what the tabs are called

  13. My friend, are these settings for all controls or for control 5 only?😅

  14. Why the hell u got motion blur on ? Always have that off in pvp games

  15. Do u play on 8 bit or 12 bit from your console settings

  16. These settings are good no joke people thought I was using zen 😅

  17. Bro I’m curious how come you use ur thumb to jump when u press x instead of your pointer finger since u play claw?

  18. HOW First have you 39 people And than 100 people?

  19. Lmk wtf yall used den cs this shi annoying

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