*NEW* Metaverse LOW Entry NFT GAME | MINI ROYALE | BEST NFT Battle Royale Game 2022 😍

GameVerse – Play-to-Earn Games Review!
Mini Royale ALPHA Version Is already Playable! Get to TOP25 on the Leaderboard and get NFTs 🤩
👇⭐⭐All Timestamps Here⭐⭐👇
0:00 – Overview
0:40 – What is Mini Royale? – Core Gameplay Modes⭐
3:05 – ALPHA Already Live!
10:38 – LAND Sale
14:45 – ROADMAP
15:11 – NFT Collection Available to buy!
16:04 – TEAM and Partners!
23:47 – Mini Royale Community

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  1. i just finished reading the book "The Metaverse Investing" by Christian Brown…I have heard the word Metaverse a few times, but I never got to fully understand it until I read this book. The author explains the basics and complexities revolving around metaverse in a language that anybody can understand, and in a style that does not require you to have any background technical knowledge. The book has taught me about the Metaverse itself, how it relates to virtual reality, its future projections, and much more. Good decision getting a copy of this book.

  2. The presale is still open. Currently, different countries are opening on a rolling basis for a short period of time to allow more private purchases. Get yours quick to secure your Founding Landowner’s status!

  3. the game is so glitchy and has so much bugs…they cant even make a decent browser game…

  4. This looks just like that game Krunker lol..

  5. hey there , where is the whitpapper of the game pls or send it to me and thnx tho for the explain ur goood all support <3

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