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  1. The nerf to the hive was unnecessary they need to rebuff it

  2. They should just reverse every change they did, weapon switch that got slowed movement speed that got slowed launch for knives the double knife that is for almost every knife and everything they did to the snipers why cant they doo that ?

  3. Man we haven't even tried the full auto fire on m16 and they nerfed it already

  4. Man hello ı won giveway but ı not have telegram can we find a solution

  5. what happened to banning system now in codm what you say 🤔

  6. Codm always nerfs stuff for no reason
    What's next the lapa?

  7. Squally, can you make an announcement about players accounts being banned randomly in CODM? What's going on and should I wait for CODM to fix it?? Also, is it still safe to play even with these bans going on?

  8. If the m13 design is actually made by Neymar. I'm giving the time in this event

  9. I was asking myself why isnt there a mini game in the soccer stadium

  10. SMH… So they're nerfing and buffing shit that's not even that huge of a deal or not even available to global yet like the M16 attachment, but not fixing the real issues like the sound that keeps disconnecting for everyone in tournament mode and BR. Sometimes even MP.

  11. Hive has become immortal this season, i wasteda whole mag bees just won't move 🤣

  12. Squally you vids are informative and entertaining thanks for the constant leaks is it possible to give me a shoutout on my birthday which is the 19th?

  13. LOVING THE NEW DIALOG CAPTION!! Going to be very cool if we get to have soccer matches Lol

  14. Who else has bugged challenge to fly 1000 metres in helicopter and no presents can be opened in the letters

  15. Yoo that football game looks fun lol gonna try that xD

  16. Who would ever want a gun w/ sneaky and unfair Neymar theme?!

  17. They should've left the Hive alone. And the lunge for melee I never used but yeah they should've left that alone too. People always whine and cry about nerfing stuff instead of finding a counter!(There's a counter for EVERYTHING!) If you have to cry about nerfing everything maybe the game isn't for 🫵🏽.

  18. Someone find out when ghost retribution is coming out

  19. As a Hispanic no matter what ima always say soccer

  20. Why nerf the hive when they just made it good ?

  21. Bruh we can’t get Neymar but we can get a shitty calling card

  22. Hey squalls,any news on the random account deletions. For abnormal account data..is it play to safe

  23. When do u think we’ll get season 1 ghost back

  24. Pls when is black Friday starting in codm?

  25. Please tell mythic holger 26 redux release date.

  26. Hey bro can you send me a Battle Pass and I already Subscribed

  27. I don't like that Pogba skin, it's just way too plain for me

  28. I standby in the football field in sniper challenge Battle Royale and some enemies greet me and i didn't enjoy my time in the place

  29. Why the hell buff the hives and then immediately nurf the crap out of it? So CODM. …

  30. That event looks fun, but why isn’t anyone talking about the event “travel 1000 meters on helicopter “ when is gonna get fixed @Squally do you have any idea if they will fix it?

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