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Free PS5, Free Nintendo Switch, WHOOOO DIS???


The DJVG crew need our help, Peeps! Please let everyone know that there are only TWO DAYS left to enter our 80K subscriber giveaway!

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📺 Intro Created By @prizmavizion

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00:34 Intro
00:42 Collection Purchase
04:01 look at all those chickens
06:11 The Rest of The Collection!
10:48 Trade-In Time
14:18 Question Of The Day

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  1. I wouldn’t be able to decide what I would want to get rid off, so I would just get rid of everything except for the games and consoles my wife plays.

  2. Always watch the videos when I get the notifications. Relaxing to watch after work when im trying to just chill out.

  3. Hey Cooper, I'm on the website and tried to use a search function, but it doesn't look like it's working. I keep getting a blank page. Are you guys doing some sort of update?

  4. <3 congrats on 200k ty for doing this giveaway and all the fun content!!

  5. Qotd: I would part with my xbox, xbox 360 and maybe my NES stuff from when I was a kid. I already parted with the majority of my pokemon video game stuff and most of my handheld collection last year.

  6. Please check your twitter.Having a issue wit the giveaway

  7. I would probably get rid of my Sega CD collection. It's my least played console and the games are just gathering dust.

  8. Been supporting y’all since the begging 🙏

  9. Honestly I have so much stuff I collect. Fishing Tackle, Guns, Golf Clubs, Disc Golf and Video Games. I would sell any of the other stuff before I sold anything from my Game Collection.

  10. Entered the giveaway thanks for having it

  11. I can’t stop watching your channel. My gf thinks I’m a geek lol. I’m always waiting for your little skits to be uploaded. They make my day.

  12. You would sell your Dreamcast collection? That just makes me sad.

  13. Great collection! Also great to see rarer SNES games! QOTD: I would sell doubles. In earlier times I did not mark down games that I bought. So there are some doubles in my collection.

  14. Does the Super Game Boy 2 play Advance games? I can not find any confirmation on that. I do know it adds a port for a link cable to trade Pokemon.

  15. I believe the only difference on super game boy 2 is the timing is correct and it has more backgrounds.

  16. "A man of taste. A man of elegance and class." -Cooper Bates 2023

  17. Double Jump Team love y’all hopefully one day I come visit

  18. trying to search some of these games on the site. i can probably see how they may be sold out already for the wii u collector editions but i cannot find the sold out listings to put on my wishlist. it seems the search function doesnt really work.

  19. As I’ve already had to sell most of my collection due to hard times I would have to say sell my Switch and switch games. My SNES will stay with me until I die. It’s my childhood console and all the games from my childhood. I did sell my whole PS2 and GameCube collection a few years ago when I lost my job.

  20. What would posses a person to sell off their collection. My house had a fire and my game room was destroyed. I still haven’t started collecting again 😢I had snes n64 GCN Wii and Wii U as well as gba ds and 3ds. And I had all the mario and Zelda games Even had a nes with all the mario and Zelda games. I had the guide books amiibos. Everything. And what wasn’t destroyed by fire/heat. Water damage killed everything else. Now that my godson is old enough he’s gotten into gaming which got me back into collecting. I’ve got nearly all my 3ds and ds stuff back and I got his old switch when we got him the oled one so I’ve started collecting for that now. Unfortunately my 3ds bricked on me. Went to do an update and it bricked Guess bc I had a sad card with all sorts of emulation on it from the guy I bought the 3ds from 😢

  21. Your shorts came across my screen one day a couple months ago and I haven't skipped a day watching them since! Keep up the great content guys!!

  22. super gameboy 2 is actually better than ordinary first one, because the clock speed is fixed and runs the same as real gameboy. first supergameboy runs a bit slower!

  23. Love your videos love remembering my youth through they games I played before. Thank you keep up they good videos and education on games

  24. Awesome Collection Purchases I would probably get rid of my Atari 2600 wasn't real big into it came out way before my time I have that same Mario shirt as Colton

  25. We are reaching 100k in no time. Your videos are really entertaining and we all can see you put so much joy in doing so

  26. Been watching since before your first ps5 giveaway! Glad to see the channel keep growing and congrats on almost 100k!

  27. I love watching your store and channel grow! Here's to hoping to see your future growth!

  28. absolutely amazing how fast this channel has grown, and I look forward to seeing it grow even more

  29. Supergameboy 2 plays original sized gameboy only. Honest mistake

  30. Man after 30k you guys have really grown so fast in subs

  31. Haha lol i followed on tt when it started and missed entering at the end

  32. A PS5 or Switch would be really nice, but getting to see how the channel has grown, especially during the pandemic has been the best reward! Wish y'all the best reaching 100K+

  33. Are you guys going to do the ps5 giveaway drawing in a video?

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