Quick Win MiniRoyale 2 | Gameplay 3

John james
Quick and easy win. Developers say there aren’t bots and the idiots in the discord say there aren’t laggers. What is this video.
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  1. did everyone from the miniroyale discord come here to dislike my videos or something. who the hell are these sorry bums.

  2. hey umm… just wondering but what did you use to record this gameplay, i'm thinking about just going around and playing most io games to help people out with tips and mini cheats.

    hope you can reply thanks:)

  3. and tbh i think this is great so thank you 🙂

  4. youre a fucking pussy bruv ill slap your shit 1v1 me now

  5. your mum sits outside costcutter begging man for crust off their sandwich and asks for change to do hella budge you wasteman

  6. I'm the best in class with like 50 wins all skins and 50k gold…

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