The AMAZING History of Fortnite LIVE EVENTS

Here’s EVERY Fortnite live event EVER! 1,895 Days of Fortnite Chapter 3 is coming to an end!! the LIVE EVENT is coming!! Every Fortnite LIVE Event EVER!
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Name in video… It’s simple! Use Code ADAMARU when buying something in the store. Take a pic and DM me it on twitter @adamgrenade (if it’s an old item please take a video as people lie about things in the store, sorry) I’m having trouble with scrolling credits… I’m super sorry if your name isn’t here. I’ll make it up to you.


  1. PSG aka PlayStation grenade… awesome content since day 1, thank you

  2. Just came back have been gone since season 7 came around season 4 of chapter 1 I miss you psg ❤️

  3. The music that began to play right as the drum gun got unvaulted is my favorite. So simple and short, but it leaves me wanting to hear more of it

  4. plesa the name of soundtraack in last 1 minute ?

  5. Yo have we ever wondered how we came to the island in the first place that the seven had to infiltrate and all and if yes then what is the past story of every character and the island

  6. god do i love season 4 of chapter 2, it's the best season for me

  7. I don’t care how many events there will be

    Season 4’s event was the coolest as it was the beginning of greatness and due to that I always wear the visitor skin every event since

  8. You should make a video about retcons in Fortnite lore. For example, the visitor wasn't part of the seven. Until he was. We can use that info to pinpoint the moment they knew what to do with the story

  9. My favorite live event will always be the Travis Scott concert. What an amazing experience!

  10. It's honestly been such an amazing journey, but so far nothing has topped the end of chapter one season X. The black hole event was nuts, even the music is the best music so far! Hope this next event is mind boggling, it's been a while since we've had one!!

  11. We didn’t even know about the Cube Queen before chapter 2 season 8, we thought the aliens were bad

  12. When chapter 2 started:
    League of legends: well… Why!?
    Realm Royale:What am i doing here?
    Apex legends: f. u.
    God of war: I give up that's it.

  13. Just 105 more days and we hit 2000 days of battle Royale

  14. Probably my favorite thing about fortnite is how this silly little game where you can do silly little things like make Kratos dance like an anime girl and Rick Sanchez fire Kamehamehas at Darth Vader, has an actual storyline that is not only good but surprisingly makes some semblance of logical sense

  15. Ah yes, chptr2 season 4 the death of fortnite, their first true sellout. And did I mention there hasn’t been an original tier 100 skin since…

  16. 3:08 It was the paradigm, not singularity. Singularity just built the mech, paradigm piloted it.

  17. Anyone else noticed that he said “IO” insted of “The Last Reality” When Blevin got rebooted?
    Edit: Timestamp is 7:48

  18. Thankyou for the shout out ❤️ (myth tube hd)

  19. this made me so nostalgic
    tbh Ch2 SE4 was the best and seasons 5 and 6 are really underated. i remeber i had so much fun those seasons

  20. I must have missed all the past events on Fortnite

  21. Wait I just want to know who’s the bus driver

  22. For a second I thought the New Years fireworks said bots instead of 2019😂😂

  23. Back to binge watching tha vids that I missed🍿

  24. I remember that when Slone said “I will not be taking you home” I legit gasped

  25. hated the defaults voting the drum gun but the gun was solid for no-skill players

  26. A couple of months ago, I said I would rewatch the first video Adam made for Chapter 3. I didn’t think I would be back watching it so quickly

  27. My accout got deleted i have been here since season 1 😭😭 my blue team leader is gone😭😭😭

  28. I'm th. Blue fixer skin on the left in the scene when your looking at the henchmen.


  30. Soooo Goood! Perfect Timing for the hype surrounding end of chapter event!! So Excited to see what's next!

  31. So… 7=goodies IO=baddies
    And also Travis Scott

  32. I am so happy that chapter 3 is ending. THIS HAS BEEN THE MOST GARBAGE CHAPTER EVER. Like the map sucks it’s basically a pancake. It’s been way too hectic. WAY TOO many crossovers, I’m glad it’s ending.

  33. Soo good only thing missing was the “season is here and the island is unstable “ joke 😂

  34. When is the last part of the Marvel and Fortnite comics

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