THE BEST 2D Battle Royale Game?! – SURVIV.IO

I play some Enjoy! (I played before they added the game sound update)

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  1. Here's a link to a discord server I made for this game like 2 seconds ago.

  2. the game was so easy now its impossible to go for wins in a row

  3. is so better it has actual weapons including shotguns,assault rifles,reverse impulse grenades,and more.

  4. This game is so popular in my school!!!!

  5. Please join The Discord so we can play duos together please

  6. YOU KILLED ME…. My name is mangle in the game

  7. is better. You should try it. There is a lot more ammo. Once I had 4000+ ammo in my gun. There is also a lot more guns scars pistols bolt and semi snipers and more. Plus there is different rareitys of guns like common uncommon rare epic gand old and mythic. Lastly it looks a bit more realistic then In result it is a better game.


  9. That guy just literally missed a 15 scope

  10. Omg the 15 scope is so rare that I've only got it 2 times after starting to play this game and he missed it………. how?????

  11. Vikk''Do I need any thing from here

    15 scope, pills, sodas, better armour
    Nah just leave it all

  12. is better. It's the Sam ebadjcally but you jump from a plane, deploy your parachute, and all of the weapons are the same as in fortnite battle royale

  13. Play this game again! It has improved so much.

  14. lmao, I play this game regularly. There have been way more updates since this video. I have also killed him recently.

  15. Watched this so I could remember when this game was fun and not broken and full of shitty delays and headshot mechanics

  16. Oh my gosh this was so old gameplay I wish I was around since the beginning

  17. people have gotten a lot better since 2016!!!! HEEHAW HEEHAW!!!

  18. I thought this was hunter assassins on the thumb nail

  19. Imagine not going competitive in this game in 2020

  20. I dont see the 15x scope that you saw btw who's watching it in 2020

  21. i remember when this game was so fun back in the days. nowadays, its like if you're a level 100 and playing fortnite agains sweats

  22. I am one of the best players at this game lmao

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