The ENTIRE History Of Fortnite Battle Royale

The ENTIRE History Of Fortnite
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  1. I stopped playing Fortnite way back in season 2 of 2018 and I just redownloaded the game yesterday, I can certainly say it looks and feels so much better compared to all those years ago!!

  2. Can anyone tell me what platform you can play Fortnite on


  4. I joined fortnite with the evie battle pass (because of her, actually) and after years of being on the "fortnite is such a meme game and pretty nerdy" bandwagon, this game time and time again has slapped me in the face for judging it so early. it is one of the best live service games going on right now, recieves constant updates and balancing, stays consistently fun, and you can just tell that the devs fucking adore their game. I really love fortnite. I'm glad I started playing.

  5. I started playing Fortnite relatively not too long ago, I did know about it's popularity but damn, I didn't know how much it changed over the years.

  6. God damn what a one hell of a journey, I'm so glad I played my first Fortnite battle royale about half an hour after release and been playing daily ever since.

  7. It sucks seeing fake videos saying Fortnite was in the 90s it was made 2017

  8. I just downloaded the game after not having played it since 2018 and it's a completely different game. I started playing when it came out and stopped mid way through season 5 so I didn't get all the stages of the Viking but I do have all of Drift. I also apparently own very rare skins like the Black night and the Reaper. its a nostalgia trip to see reminiscences of what the map used to be.

  9. POV you played of Fortnite and had enough v-bucks to buy Arial assault trooper and renegade raider… But didn't like the skins at that time…

    Don't ask me why I sent this comment it totally didn't happen to me. 🥲🥲

  10. Fortnite will be forever immortalised with the other gigachad games.

  11. Ninja is the worst player and with that ridiculous hairstyle even worse

  12. It’s epic decision on if the mechs should be removed and who cares if the player’s threatened to quit

  13. Bro the fact that epic just removed building is one of the bravest things in the history of gaming, everyone at epic is a griffindor

  14. 😂 i was one of the few people who originally bought fortnite for the story mode.

  15. The question is, did they pay T-fue for his likeness?

  16. chapter 3 season 2 was my jump in point
    many you guys have a wild fuckin game on your hands, you realize that?

  17. I started playing at season 5. Is that still considered being an OG?

  18. Fortnite needs to add Spiderman back same with the bugle

  19. Fortnight is a horror game when you get hit

  20. i started in ch4 s1 and i think this is so cool

  21. the dude who left the company probably killed himself

  22. I was semi OG I started playing chapter 1 season 4 and I miss the good old seasons especially chapter 1 season 5 and 7 and chapter 2 season 3, 4, and 5

  23. can we just appreciate t5g hared work

  24. I last played back in 2018, so my friend told me to install the game again, people where shocked at my skin because it was OLD, what happened to this game, it's like a new game!

  25. I'm from the future. It's chapter 4 s3 It's a jungle season.

  26. I’m pretty sure ninja didn’t mark the start of the icon series. There was the that one samsung “iconic” skin, the marshmallow skin, maybe a few others skins that were there before chapter 2.

  27. 14:08 bro even though it was only a year ago this gives so much nostalgia to me cause this is when I started playing

  28. Man it’s crazy how simple this game was and how amazing it was 😭

  29. I played Fortnite on mobile since dusty divot (or at least I think, its really foggy) and after all these years I came back to Fortnite on a pc. After watching this, I am no longer frustrated at epic games for making all these crossovers and making Fortnite different.

  30. I remember when the Zero Point was up in the sky That's what I joined when I quit for too many like trollers doing the sand tunneling thing

  31. Fortnite is the most overrated game ever!

  32. Fortnite managed to make the original default characters scarier than the actual zombies

  33. Back then we all watched you😂😂😂

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