the Shapeless Man IS GENO! (Fortnite Update Storyline)

– Teasers of Season 2 Chapter 4 with the return of Geno as the Shapeless man, Midas, The Fox clan and a Chinese themed season all of them and much more storyline with rift in the sky and destruction of Rift Gate in this video!

– Fortnites Last Chapter 4 Update just got dropped with the final OathBound quests and Cipher quests. These are filled with Fortnite storyline and lore which we will go through all of it.

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  1. The nothing could also be manipulating us making us think he is geno and bring geno into us as part of his plans! Creating that permanent rift in sky for his future since kinetic ore could be from last reality too!I will choose which theory is the right one next season

  2. Fortnite did a Fantastic job connecting everything up and building next season to be amazing! Entire Storyline of Fortnite video hopefully soon

  3. Bro this season literally choose to contradicted Geno's entire character 💀💀
    What's next purple cube are good for the island

  4. So the fox clan and the peace syndicate are confirmed to be in next season thats cool but of Vi is taken by Geno then Drift and catalyst will have to work together to try and save her but could use the help of evie and twyn and midas maybe

  5. This next season is going to be so interesting. The shapeless man being Geno makes a lot of sense actually, and I cannot wait to see what this does for the next season. Awesome video as always Scyan, keep it up!!

  6. TCB🌠: Does the rift warden know that THE AGELESS is GENO THE SHAPELESS MAN?

  7. Hi scyan your vids are great really hope Geno is in next seasons bp keep up the good work I’m really passionate about the fn storyline just like you

  8. Hey scyan love your vids really hope Geno is in next seasons battle pass too. I’m really passionate about the fortnite storyline just like u keep up the good work bro

  9. 1) 0:58 Nah, he has told US, but not the Ageless.

    2) Also if i understood what you were saying correctly, you think the shapeless man was warning us about the Nothing and not threatening us? Cuz if that's the case, that doesn't add up. It was said that the shapeless man was watching us with dark purpose, so supposedly he would be the one to bring said destruction, which is why we obviously thought it was the Nothing.

    3) Now, if the shapeless man is Geno, that means he has come in contact with Stellan centeries ago, but why? Did he see the future? Did he know the IO would be destroyed and he would need that gate? That's weird.

    4) 2:45 No, of course it would kill us. Have you never seen stories that go like that? Where the big bad guy promises he would spare your life if you build him a portal, and when you build it he just kills you anyways because he fucking lied? That's like the most common trope ever.

    5) 5:20 i don't even wanna talk about this, all of these "Midas connections" are a big stretch.

    6) 6:23 this skin is legit from a 1 year old survey, i don't think it means anything.

    7) 9:03 never, and i mean NEVER say this confirms anything, ok? This could be a misdiriction, it wouldn't be the first time either.

    8) 9:45 "like they always do" "while connecting up everything perfectly" LMAO

  10. I think the geno will kill the rift warden btw CONTROL YOUR SIMPING ADDICTION lol

  11. The wolf symbol is probably the fox clan symbol and also the egg is probably an Easter egg


  13. THE MEGOLU LIRL IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Man so i think i was right.
    Nothing is the end boss.
    Geno will be a boss before him.
    He might be one of people who will help us in the End.
    Also Shapeless man needing Rift gate was a big thing that made me think Shapeless man was not Nothing.
    Why would a God like being need to use portal to enter.

  15. Geno fell into the Zero Point and survived. What will it take to kill him the Death Star?

  16. Who could be messing with the Rift Gate it could be Kang or it could be Kang or maybe even Kang?

  17. I don't think it's Geno's 🤔 it would make sense if it was someone els probably some new entity who could end up destroying everything again or probably making the Seven evil who knows


    The imagined order and the last reality will ruturn and s2 will have that theme.

  19. Looks a bit like kaiman from dorohedoro 😆😍

  20. Die Würfelkönigin Herrscherin der Letzten Realität says:

    Yeah, I believe that the shapeless man is the Nothing,because the Nothing has a perfect order too ! In the case of the Nothing the perfect order is pure darkness and he and the last reality as the only ones then remaining in the omniverse. It doesn't have to mean that it's Geno

  21. I have a theory, the shapeless man is actually the player, just the real player. That’s why he’s shapeless as he can be anyone. But he escaped the loop originally long ago and has been pulling the strings to make the perfect reality.

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