DOWNLOAD BRAVE Browser (MAX FPS) – (I get paid per download!). The TOP 10 Browser Based FPS Games, no download games you need to check out. The updated list, featuring the best browser fps games that you can play in 2020 – 2021.


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List of the FPS browser games are below!

In this video I’ll be showing off my top 10 list of browser FPS games. These games are free and perfect for gamers that like!

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Games featured in this Top 10 list:
– Forward Assault Remix

– Polyblicy

– Miniroyale2


– Rush Team

– Shellshockers

– QuakeJS

– Merc Zone

– CS Online Club

– Superhot



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  1. Hi everyone, i used to play that i forgot its name. It had co op with same keyboard, it had classes like archer sword dude (he was blonde i remember it) it was a 2D game we could ride horses it was beat em up genre, we could team up with some npc kind of dudes (they dont talk but help us to fight) i remember there were a dusty chapter with huge dudes i remember a castle, i used to write heroes 108 or sth and could find it with a little research i know its not hero 108 but its name was sth like that too, if you know this game please answer me

  2. whats the point in playing forward assault remix i cant play it cuz it dosent search up the real game it searches up fake scamming websites on google so i dont believe you

  3. how did i not know these games very good.

  4. 8:30 when i type this website in it said website could not be found

  5. bruh i m bad at these cz i m on touchpad

  6. OMG! Brave is so cool! I recommend downloading!!!!

  7. What makes it hard to snipe people in shellshocker is the slow bullet speed. Normally you put your cross hair on the enemy and click and that's it, but in shellshocker you have to move your cross hair a bit over to the direction the enemy is moving toward to make a successful kill.

  8. what was the game he played in the started before the first game

  9. Literally most of these games are just pixel and blocky, there is no creativity.
    Games like Crossfire were even better than these games what you recommended.

  10. rip merc zone i wanted to try never had done so

  11. Show some love for rush team guys, huge changes withing 3 years its worth a try its an amazing game that ive been playing since 2012-2023

  12. oh btw this is another good copy of fortnite BuildNow GG

  13. Why do they all inevitably have guns and violence in them? Could you do a compilation aside of games without shooting and killing as a prime objective?

  14. What is the game called in the into

  15. what was the game he was playing after he sponsored brave?

  16. Got games to play at school now thanks you so much🙏🙏

  17. I can confirm rush team is really fun and engaging

  18. poliblicy is so shit, the damage balance is horrible

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