What Happens if Boss GENO Meets GOKU Fortnite! (Dragon Ball Z!)

By Post
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  1. Can you do another one like this, but with so much bosses

  2. Claim your early ticket here!

  3. Could you do 100 wolverines Vs Geno like you do with Darth?

  4. Alright I think you are clickbaiting at this point like stop clickbaiting . Like "geno meets goku"💀 and clickbaity thumbnail

  5. Yo post just for you to know if ur planning on doing wolverine vs geno I have wolverine and I’m talking normal wolverine not wolverine zero

  6. I love post and his maps for example: toy box ❤❤❤

  7. That technique you did at the beginning I did that too I think I won that same round!

  8. Can you put Deku smash and kamehamea in toy box

  9. bro deku smash dosen't kill The Aegelles one shoot it dose only 250 dmg

  10. The deku smash got nerfed it won’t one shot him

  11. i subcribed to every vidio i love them so much

  12. can i friend you (i bought the kid laroi with your code)

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