What YOUR favorite skin in MINI ROYALE says about YOU

Ever wondered what your favorite skin in MR2 says about you? Well here it is! In this video, I went over ALL the skins in Mini Royale and what they say about YOU!

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Music in the video: Frumhere, Kevatta – Warm Feeling


  1. Damn, I have to no skins on my account, so I'm always the "Biker". Guess I have the skills of a Guest. 🙁

  2. Video Idea: Only get kills from spawn…basically you can't move. (CTF only)
    Video Idea: What your favorite gun says about you.

  3. "if you use the sheriff youre about as irrelivant as deji on youtube!" MY FAVOURITE LINE!!!

  4. Most people: Tfue=Tee-Foo
    Wavey: Tfue=Tee-Few


  5. CarrySheriff is the only person in the game who uses Sheriff xD

  6. i use biker lmao guess my 3 months was no time
    but i do have every skin so :L

  7. as having homeless as my old favorite skin and riot cop being my new favorite, im offended

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