Winning solo against duos in NEW GAME Mini Royale

AverageJonas Rust
Winning solo against duos in NEW GAME Mini Royale
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  1. Guys there’s no way several comments think I am cheating in an alpha playtest game LMAO Look at the timer at the top u silly goobers, it’s edited, half a second is missing, I am literally collabing with the devs behind the game, y’all need to chill 😂

  2. I didn't even look up at jonas until a minute in, only to behold the work of Jerb LMAO

  3. 😂 nice great to see you having fun with another game and love that they are really friendly and helped out giving codes ❤

  4. wewt – can't wait for a broader release to be available – go dev team!

  5. Alpha gameplay looks great. good fun watching you play!

  6. I was playing this play test and got eliminated by AVERAGEJONAS. Didn’t know it was actually him lmao

  7. I feel bad for the people versing Jonas they are versing a radiant.

  8. This game is fun, but the servers are bad 100 ping every single game is not cool 😢

  9. This reminds me of the old game, "Sarge's Heroes" on Nintendo 64.

  10. Lmao time 3:07 clear aim bot moment toggled on 😂😂 im done watching your content

  11. I hate that this is gonna be full of kids. This needs to be age locked for 90s kids.

  12. Looks like they just took the Fortnite idea and got rid of the building. Game is meh. Snipers seem to be like most BR games which are pretty op if you can aim.

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